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Lily Seedlings

Yellow L. henryi seedling with green nectariesYellow with green nectaries.  L. henryi hybrid

What a suprise to see this batch of L. henryi babies blooming.  The first feat is that they made it through two winters in Saskatchewan.

Green nectaries with a larger green tinge. L. henryi hybridgreen l. henryi hybridFuzzy green L. henryi hybrid

This one has more of an overall green tinge.  Click on the picture for a closer look.

L. henryi hybrid with orange papillae.Orange L. henryi hybrid


Marribelle x CuppuccinoMarribelle x Cuppuccino 18-144
There are many blooming.  By far this particular one was my favourite.  The twisting and turning of the petals was unlike any other lily in my gardens. Marribelle has always been a favourite in my breeding program.  In this cross Cuppuccino gives the tango pattern.

Marilyn Brown Salmon x Marribelle
This one imparts Marribelle's thickness of petal.  MB Salmon was from a plant exchange years ago,likely 'Selina'.  It imparts a great plant habit.  I like the orange blush of this flower.

Red Strap x SungodRed Strap x Sungod
I was on a real dark red kick for a while.  This is one of hundreds of seed created.  This particular floret won a ribbon at the 2010 South Saskatchewan Lily Society Show.

Red Strap x Sungod b
I liked the form and depth of colour on this one. We will see what the coming years bring to the overall plant habit.

86-144-1 and 2 Griesbach OT seed
I love the seed I've collected over the years through exchanges.  Bob Griesbach works extensively with tetraploid lilies.  These particular OT's have done well in our climate.

Baby Pink Bells SeedlingBaby Pink Bells Seedling
BPB's is a unique flower with small bell shaped blooms.  Here it is has been crossed with an orange speckled lily.

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