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Lilyfield Farm Daylily and Lily CatalogueWelcome to Lilyfield Farm where we grow lilies and daylilies for Canadian gardeners.  Our mail-order catalogue is on-line and easy to order from. 

Due to our location we are not an open garden.  Our business is mail-order only.  We provide pictures and descriptions to help you make garden choices.

New to lilies and daylilies? Visit Growing Lilies and Growing Daylilies.

May 3, 2014
Martagon lily tips in spring.Banshee Whisper DaylilyThe plants are starting to show up in the garden,  despite the cold spring.  Shipping will begin mid-May.

A few hundred daylily seedlings have been planted so far. Despite several frosts they are looking good.

In Spring we ship daylilies, in fall lilies.   On the right is a photo of shade loving martgon lilies poking out of the soil.  The daylily pictured on the left is Linda Michaels' Banshee Whisper.

May 5, 2013
This is one strange spring all over.  In response to the inquiries, all I can say is that the daylilies are barely, if at all appearing.  They will be listed once an inventory has been done.  There is still snow in some places and in others the soil is cold.

If the season is not to late we will list varieties, time will tell.

The only lilies making an appearance so far are a couple of Martagons right against the house.  Of course finding weeds is no problem!

April 17, 2012

Moment in the Sun x Half Moon KeyLittle bits of green are starting to show up in the garden.  Most of the daylilies are smart enough to stay behind their old foliage until Spring is a sure thing.  The peonies are poking their noses out of the ground.  

Here is a picture of one of our seedlings.  It is Moment in the Sun x Half Moon Key.  A lovely short, budalicious, early daylily.
Seedling A114B

January 24, 2012Violet Angel x Greywoods Painted Pony

 Check out our Daylily Select Seedling page as we update our website.  In evaluating seedling for registration we check out there ability to bounce back after being divided and lined out.  Many beautiful faces coming up in our seedlings!
This year we have added some interesting seedlings to our Lily Select Seedling page.
Seedling A116B

November 30, 2011

Twist of Lemon DaylilyThis season is all wrapped up!  The commercial crop of lilies and daylilies has been relocated.  Replanting was super quick with the aid of a tractor and planter!  We are looking forward to next year when the trip out to the lilies is just a walk out into the hayfield!

Check back in 2012 when we will put up our spring list consisting mainly of daylilies.

September 17, 2011

Back to nicer weather!  We are getting the new land ready for the lilies and daylilies to be moved to.  The soil has been amended and we are now rototilling it smooth.  

Try a couple Martagon lilies to enhance your early summer shade garden.  Plant a mass of bulbs with our new Landscape Mix.

Attiwaw Martagon Lily                     
L. 'Attiwaw'                    

September 14, 2011

Well we had our first frost, -4 degrees Celcius!  Brr.  Yesterday I went out and collected all the seed pods from crosses I made throughout the year.   Some stems are in water to continue ripening and others are drying.

You can still order from our on-line catalogue, payment can be made by cheque or through Paypal  which also acccomodates credit cards.

Add a few hardy lily bulbs and daylily roots to your garden this fall, and enjoy the flowers in summer.
Daylily, Electric Circus               LA Lily Royal Lace
H. 'Electric Circus'                   L. 'Royal Lace' (LA lily)
August 5, 2011

People of Lethbridge, sure can grow daylilies!   I was just out visiting family in Alberta and was amazed at the daylily clumps.  Beautiful daylilies in several colours, as many as 15 blooms on a plant! The best recipe for growing daylilies is full sun and plenty of water.  I think  those gardeners have it figured.  

May 13, 2011

Want a plant that is green and growing at the beginning of May?  Try shade-loving Martagon lilies. In the spring garden they are already a foot tall.  Martagons are early blooming lilies and thus are up early and grow quickly.   Martagon bulbs are available for fall planting.  We grow many varieties including Peek's Pink and Mrs R.O. Backhouse.

Peek's Pink Martagon lily.Martagon, Mrs R.O. Backhouse.
                 Peek's Pink                      Peek's Pink Flowers             Mrs R.O. Backhouse        

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