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Hybridizing Lilies


Seedlings from the LA Kentucky.Unique, one of a kind lilies are created through hybridizing.  There are different ways to hybridize based on the hybridizers preference and goals.

You can go whatever path you want with a goal in mind, or not. If pretty on pretty suits you than go for it.

At Lilyfield we have a few goals that are constants each year, with other goals that change from year to year.  Using specific parent plants  we  can  get close to creating the plants we want.

Red Strap x Sungod
Lilyfields Goals Each Year

    * Tall, sturdy, straight plants.
    * Pyramid shaped inflorencence
    * High bud count. Secondary blooms.
    * Botrytis resistant.
    * Interdivisional combinations.
    * Medium multiplication rate, requiring more years between dividing.

Lilyfield Goals over the Years

    * White edges.Hybridizing tag. Vinyl with pencil.
    * Starburst centres.
    * Dark.
    * Martagon x Asiatic
    * Ruffled edges.
    * Late blooming.
    * White
    * Short lilies

How to Hybridize
With goals in mind and a growing season ahead, hybridizing is simple.

    * Take the pollen from the father plant and place it on the stigma of the mother plant.
    * It is prudent to protect the cross from roaming butterflies and other creatures.  You can do this by covering the stigma with a piece of tinfoil.
    * Label your cross with Pod x Pollen parent  (Mother x Father) for your records.

lily Stigma (mother plant)Pollen from a lily.  Father plant.

Mother plant's stigma 'Tristar' x Father plant's pollen 'Latvia'
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We guarantee all plants are healthy at the time of shipment.

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